Hello, we are Terra Cacti, an ultra strategic agency for creative writing.

Anneke & Sam, situated in Rotterdam, write texts using their full understanding of the market and target group. At our office, you can also find Sabine Krouwels. Not only does Sabine work as a copywriter, but she also does an excellent job in translation into English.

Sabine has just graduated in English Literature at the University of Leiden. She is currently finishing a second master in Linguistics. Her love for the written word has been present from the moment she was born, literally devouring the magazines given to her in her crib. When little, she wrote entire stories and fairy tales – ask her mother after a particular one involving a red chair – and English simply came natural to her.

Plus side of having an in-house translator is that the tone-of-voice we have created for you is preserved and it ensures the same understanding of the market. Now we have this translation treasure in our hands, we can also offer texts only in English. These texts will be written by Sabine under the supervision of Anneke & Sam.