Yør Kultura. The hypnotic bass

Bij de release van de nieuwe EP voor Permanent Vacation schreef Terra Cacti de teksten. Ook worden de teksten gebruikt voor Resident Advisor.

Time is passing; space is moving. Yør Kultura bends the fourth dimension, gently pushing you to fill in the gap between time and space.

In 2016 Kris, Danny & Raymon gave up their einzelganger status as DJs and unified as a collective. Yør Kultura was born in Rotterdam (NL) and didn’t take too long to grow up and see the world.

By not sticking to one specific genre, they founded a new music type which is still regarded as their trademark. Leaving the 4×4 basslines far, far ahead, switching from ecstasy to exultation to ecstasy to exultation, combining trippy flows with traditional sounds and a hypnotic bass. You feel comfortingly displaced, reminiscing on new situations by rhyming them with old ones.

Nobody can stay the same by not chan ging.By discovering new paths, we find out who we are.

Previous releases: Laut&Luise EP / Multi Culti Remix / Eivor Remix. Milestone sets: Fusion Festival 2017 / Garbicz Festival 2017 / Burning Man 2017 / Wildeburg 2018.

Resident Advisor – Terra Cacti